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Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

A safe haven from domestic violence and abuse.

If you need a safe place to stay, and to talk to someone who truly understands, we are here.

We offer a Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter program for women and their children experiencing domestic violence and abuse. Often, women and children arrive with very few belongings. The Emergency Shelter is equipped to help meet your basic needs, including housing, food, clothing and toiletries.

When you arrive, you are connected with a counsellor who can support you with obtaining housing, accessing financial supports, navigating the legal system, building a safety plan, referrals to community resources, and emotional support.

If you don’t want to come to the Emergency Shelter because you have an alternative place to stay or choose to stay at home, we can refer you to a Community Services Counsellor for further support.  The Community Services Counsellor can provide you with support virtually, by phone, or in-person at a safe location.

The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter Program is for

  • Women with children
  • Single women
  • Women with pets

If this doesn’t sound like you, please contact us. We will help find the right support for you.

We provide the following, cost-free, at the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

  • A furnished bedroom, including blankets and linens
  • Food and toiletries
  • A change of clothing and sleepwear
  • Diapers, formula and other baby needs
  • Safety planning
  • Support through the Court Program if needed
  • Individual counselling sessions
    Resources in the community like housing, employment, immigration, legal assistance, income support, medical care, basic needs, and more
  • Referral to a Community Services Counsellor for ongoing support after leaving the Emergency Shelter

Pet-friendly rooms

Yes, we have some rooms that can accommodate pets, making it easier for you to flee abuse when necessary.
If you need to leave an abusive or dangerous situation, and you have a pet, please contact us.
Your pet can help provide emotional healing and support during your stay
In memory of Jasmine Lovett and Aliyah Sanderson


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Founded in 1973

50-bed facility

Served 286 Children and 200 Women last year


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