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Sometimes it helps to talk it out.

We offer individual and group counselling services to adults interested in creating or enhancing safety in their close relationships.

We support people in addressing their controlling or abusive behaviours and the problems this has caused. We encourage them to identify and explore concerns about their behaviour and work toward personal change. Our ultimate goal is to increase safety for victims by preventing further abuse.

Partner Contact (or Checks)

We contact the partners of the people who are attending counselling, in order to understand their concerns about the person’s behaviour, any progress they are noticing, and to monitor safety. We require the consent of the person in counselling before being able to contact the partner. During initial contact with partners, our therapist will provide information about the program, the purpose of the partner contact, safety resource information and discuss ongoing contact.

Ongoing contact also requires the partner’s verbal consent to participate. In some cases, the partner may express a need for further counselling support. Depending on their need, Men’s Counselling Service may refer the partner to another program within FearIsNotLove or another suitable program in the community.

Is “Men’s Counselling Service” only for men?

Statistically, domestic violence and abuse are most often used by men towards women. That being said, we recognize that women can also use violence and abuse against their partners and that it can happen in same-sex partnerships.

Women who want support to address their controlling or abusive behaviours and/or the problems their expression of anger has caused in their relationships are also welcome to contact Men’s Counselling Service. In this case, the partner of the female client would be contacted following the same process stated above.

More than 75% of women involved in this program reported a dramatic change in their partner’s abusive behaviour after attending the Men’s Counselling Service.

How much counselling do you offer?

This is a time-limited service. A person may benefit from twelve counselling sessions or six months of counselling, whichever point the person reaches first. If there is an exceptional situation and our data suggests further sessions will be beneficial to the person, one extension of service per person can be made.

If approved, the extension may include up to six more sessions, or three extra months of counselling.

Is there a cost?

All services offered through Men’s Counselling Service are provided cost-free.

Group Therapy

In addition to individual therapy, we also offer group therapy. This provides another option for people who want help in creating more safety for their partners and/or their families.

Being in a group with others who are working towards a similar goal provides many benefits, including:

  • Emotional support and validation
  • The opportunity to receive feedback and support from others who have similar or shared experiences
  • Promotion of positive behaviours
  • A sounding board
  • Increased self-awareness and reflection when others act as a mirror or challenge behaviours
  • An environment in which alternative ways of thinking and behaving can be explored and practiced
  • Opportunities to learn from the mistakes and successes of others

All groups are facilitated by two or more trained therapists.


Men’s Counselling Service: 403-299-9680

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