Take a Stand Initiative

Domestic violence and abuse training for our community

Take a Stand Initiative

Domestic violence and abuse training for our community


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Take a Stand Initiative

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The Take A Stand Community Capacity Building Initiative educates and empowers community members to effectively support victims. The issue of domestic violence and abuse affects our entire community. We all have a role to play in helping identify it and end it. 

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Learn how to identify domestic violence and abuse in all its forms, ways to respond compassionately and positively to victims, and how to connect victims to resources.

Learn about:
• Different types of abuse
• How to recognize, respond and refer
• Barriers victims face
• Myths and misconceptions
• Statistics and research around domestic violence and abuse


  • “Sometimes it just takes one empathetic listener to give the victim the courage to make positive changes.”
  • “The workshop was an eyeopener in terms of domestic violence statistics, it also made me realize how important it is to be an empathetic listener and not try to solve the problem by giving advice.”
  • “This [initiative] is great. It has really changed the way I see or approach a problem. Great presentation and educative. I know better now. Thank you!”
  • “Very helpful workshop, full of practical information and tips I can use”


These sessions are now available to groups and organizations from the Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, and Filipino speaking communities. For more information: info@fearisnotlove.ca

Download the Take A Stand Booklet – a resource guide to support family and friends impacted by domestic violence and abuse.

Download our Supporting Victims Resource Poster

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Phone: (403) 290-1552 Ext. 426
Email: info@fearisnotlove.ca


Supporting change in workplaces and community following pandemic restrictions


Launched in response to COVID-19

Available in multiple languages

1,408 people participated last year


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