Vision, Mission, Values


A community free from domestic violence and abuse.


To support all people to live free from fear, neglect, violence, and abuse

We Value

  • Working relentlessly for dignity, respect and love in family and close relationships
  • Finding ingenious solutions to the problem of domestic violence and abuse in family and close can help any person feel safe in their close relationships.

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We Believe

  • It is a privilege to work with individuals and families on the journey of creating safety and healing.
  • That upholding the dignity of people and supporting people who use abuse to change is central to restoring individual and community well-being.
  • That using accurate language to describe domestic violence and abuse and clarifying responsibility has the power to achieve social justice.
  • In collaboration, and that one agency cannot stop domestic violence and abuse alone.
  • In using evidence and practice experience to prevent domestic violence and abuse while ensuring a healthy culture and organization.
  • In social change. That all of us are changemakers and can influence our environment so that children and adults can feel safe and have opportunities to thrive.

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